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The Bentua (Rectal Enema Bulb Syringe) is a quick way to clean the colon and is preferred by people who don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up the equipment. The bulb is suitable for performing low volume enemas or douche, cleaning only the lower part of the rectum. But if you want to go for a deeper enema, the bulb can easily be connected to a colon tube and used for the same. The enema bulb is crafted from natural rubber latex and the syringe tip is made from soft plastic which ensures complete comfort during and after the procedure.

  • A Quality Product- Enema bulb is made of high quality material which is non-toxic and long lasting. It holds 8 oz. fluid.
  • Well Designed- The oval shape of the enema bulb makes it easier to hold when performing the enema. The enema bulb is made of premium quality material.
  • Comfortable Nozzle- The nozzle is the correct size to perform comfortable enema sessions. It screws tightly onto the bulb creating a leak-proof seal. The nozzle can easily be separated from the bulb for after procedure cleaning.
  • Easy to Use- Separate the nozzle from the bulb, fill the bulb with your desired enema solution, put the nozzle back on and perform the enema as you normally would.
  • Health and Personal Care- Enemas are a great way to get rid of constipation, fecal impaction and general detoxification. The enema bulb and the nozzle should be cleaned with soap, vinegar and warm water after every single use.


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Bentua (Rectal Enema Bulb Syringe)
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