Kpakposhito peppers(Ghanaian butt cheek pepper) are very small in size, averaging 2-3 centimeters in diameter, and have a compact, squat, bell-shape with 3-4 lobes attached to long, slender green stems. The wrinkled skin is firm, glossy, and green when young, transitioning to orange and then red with maturity. Green Kpakpo Shito peppers have a fruity fragrance and sweet, spicy flavor that is not as hot as common habaneros but still contains a moderate heat. Kpakposhito pepper fruits are mostly consume during it’s green stage. Each pack contains 1000 seeds Jibril enterprise; We are dealers in all kinds of African plants seeds and agricultural products, we deliver both nationwide and international. Jibril enterprise is Registered with Registrar General Department Ghana with business registration number BN062572018. Our seeds are also certified by the Ghana seeds inspection Division of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture


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Fresh Green Pepper Seeds