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Dear friend-there’s always a basic way to go about the Christian marriage. I asked the Lord and He should me, since He’d promised to show me anything that I wanted to know. His knowledge on this has been different from how many of us, even Christians have been going about our relationships-from chosen a partner to the time we get into the marriage. His ideas too on our Weddings where different from the ones we practice here.

For instance, He taught on the ideal way to find out right partner, and aside that, the number of people He thinks is a reasonable number to allow to attend your wedding ceremony! Indeed, all from the beginning of choosing a life partner, to the time and process of you getting married, to the right partner, a lot of revelations came out, when the Lord was speaking, and they made great sense. I believe this is a book every Christian should have, because it’ll re-align us into that good path which will not in the long or short-run, offend the Lord, or we rushing into something that may never be His wish or will for us.

Making the wrong decision to go into that relationship with the wrong person could lead us into a grave danger-a grave danger like time and resource wasting and potentially losing your joy as a human being for the rest of your life. So, getting into marriage and the ability to chose the right partner can be a tough decision, and this is where if we’re not well informed or taught, each and everyone of us who like this institution, will end up making those grave and regrettable mistakes, which sometimes, could be life-threatening-in fact, both physically and spiritually. In fact, there are no chances to take. You need to Know the BASICS OF THE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE today, and beloved, there’s no more time to waste on the wrong paths or methods. Time, is running out.


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The Mystery of Marriage: The Simple Model Christian Marriage
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